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25 March 2007 @ 09:13 pm
i'm completely bored, and avoiding my homework, so i decided to nom since i just found this place :)

Everything In Its Right Place - Ship/Couples icons
by nothingnewtosay
The Show Must Go On - Actor/Actress icons (Note just Actors/Actress no characters!)
by fairlyfragile
by birdseye
Pictures of You - Best Coloring
by laughxwithxme
Life in A Glass House - Best Cropping
by pinknylon
With Arms Outstretched - Family Icons (karen and lucas, peyton and ellie, lucas and haley, nathan and lucas etc)

All Tomorrow's Parties - Funny icon (any icon that makes you laugh)

Things I Forgot at Birth - Emotional Icon
by burymyregret
Songs To Love And Die By - Quote Icon
by simsi
Suddenly Everything Has Changed - non 100x100 icons

Just Watch The Fireworks - best animated
by equalize21
by zuppit
Unopened Letter To The World - Textless Icons (icons with no text)
by allnightlong
by wowsugarpuss_
Truth, Bitter Truth - Text Icons or Icons with legible text
by nothingnewtosay
Are You True? Season 1 icons
by simsi
You Can't Always Get What You Want - season 2 icons
by like_statues
How a Resurrection Really Feels - season 3 icons
by birdcut
Some You Give Away - season 4 icons
by room_47
A Multitude of Casualties - Recurring Characters (the characters that appear on the main credits)
by rosangie
Brave New World - Guest Stars Characters (all those who participate or participated on the show)
by birdcut
We Might As Well Be Strangers - Best Texture/Brush use
by xforblueskies
by glance18
Spirit in the Night - Ravens or Cheerleading, school spirit
by greenteagrafix
Alya.: OTH; brooke-smile.lipslikevelvet on March 26th, 2007 03:12 pm (UTC)
thanks for the nom. :)
If you stay, I don’t need heaven.finishedwithu on March 28th, 2007 11:08 am (UTC)
thanks for the noms :)